Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dark Holiday

Christmas scents are currently available at

Some music to get you in the mood... (listen to the Jingle Bells sample [#7])


Rot said...

I actually own that album. I'd highly recommend it for a different take on traditional Christmas songs.

A great stocking stuffer too.

Mantan Calaveras said...

Oh, I dunno, I don't much like mixing Halloween and Xmas (though this year my grossferatu is turning into Santa Claus for the yuletide)

Rot, have you heard of "The Christmas Revels"? Here's a listing to one of their albums on amazon. Particularly check out the Abbot Bromley Horn Dance. It's absolutely amazing when they do it live. Surreal caricatures, gently clashing their antlers in the moonlight.

Rot said...

Never heard of them.
Really cool tracks.

Thanks for that link.


I like Dark Candles. The Halloween scent "Haunted House" and "Dracula" were my favorites this year. I want to try "Midnight Mass" for Christmas.

Stac said...

Great stuff-- I love Dark Candles! I want to try her holiday scents, but I just did a big order last month, so I must behave. Lame.

Anonymous said...

I need to order more. This time I will go for the votives. I tried the tea lights for a test run and was thrilled with what I got!

Just got my order of Gonesh incense today. :)