Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Flatwoods Monster

A recent episode of the History Channel's Monsterquest dealt with something I had never heard of - The Flatwoods Monster. Since grade school, I've tried to read as much about this kind of thing as I could, and I've never come across this weird tale.

Did a quick youtube search and found my favorite ufologist discussing the topic. Stanton Friedman is the man. I wish he were my uncle or something.

Click to pic to watch.


Pam Morris said...

well, that was interesting...never heard of it, either. you think its legit?

Rot said...

After listening to the witnesses on Monsterquest, I tend to believe they saw something quite strange and terrifying.

Dunno if it was alien or some toxic govt project.

Steve Ring said...

John Keel mentions them in The Mothman Prophecies.

Rot said...

Really? Neat.

I had no idea.

Steve Ring said...

Yeah, same general area. It seems like West Virginians were afflicted with some kind of mania for a couple years there. Or extreme boredom, maybe.