Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old School

Main Entry: old school
Function: adjective
Date: 1803
1 : adhering to traditional policies or practices
2 : characteristic or evocative of an earlier or original style, manner, or form
3 : Halloween decorations/displays that make you long for cold October evenings and a pillowcase loaded with candy.

4 :

I go on and on about Old School Halloween decorations and yard haunts. Was thinking about it some more today after I clicked on one of my "old school" tags in an earlier blog post. It seems Old School is all about white sheets and thick rubber masks and primary colors and ill-shapen figures. It's about traditional pumpkin faces and plastic decorations and headless dummies in chairs.

I practically worship the ways of Old School. It reminds me of my distant trick-or-treating days. The style is almost hasty and last-minute. It's often cluttered and overloaded. And it's beautiful. It's the watercolor of Halloween, with washed-out pigments and crude arrangements. Old School is about spook houses in garages and sound effects from bushes. It's about making Halloween fun. And making it spooky.

The Patron Saint of Old School,
the previously-featured Unkle Pigor.


Vintage Seance said...

Awesome definition!

Rot said...

Thanks : )

NoahFentz said...

Back in the mid 70s I set up a little display at my parent's House in the front porch. I had an old record player playing Disney's Haunted House Soundtrack. I would have to go out and flip the record every 30 minutes.

Now that is old school!!

Rot said...

That IS old school. Awesome.

I remember buying Sound Effects cassettes in card stores as Halloween grew near.

Anonymous said...

That definitely sums it all up. It was back when people would put their displays up on Halloween morning and take it down the next day.(after they have recoverd from their sugar rush induced hangover)

The Gill-Man said...

Love Pigor's stuff! His artwork is a blast, and his Halloween displays are just everything that I love about the holiday!