Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soap Box

My favorite provider of dark scents (in non-candle form) closed for a little while as they recently moved to a new location. They're open again, and selling all sorts of cool products, with items like Nutmeg and Almond Biscotti Soap, Black Tobacco Perfume Oil, Dread Pirate Roberts Soap, Ireland Tweed Beer Soap, and my personal favorite - Filthy Viking soap and scent.

They're offering shipping of $5 on all U.S. orders until March 31th. Cool.


mlle ghoul said...

Hee! Of all places to see this, I was not expecting here :P Thank you for the reminders, I love The Soap Box Co.

Rot said...

I have a gentle fresh-scented side. : )

I discovered this company a few years ago when I was sick of the colognes/scents that were being sold for men. Found Filthy Viking and couldn't believe companies made things like that. Smoke, beer, tobacco, old wood...crazy. And GREAT.

Mr. Manly Man
Promoter of Soaps and Scents