Friday, June 17, 2011


Trailer for a horror film starring Mark Hamill, who says the movie has slight hints of the paranormal.

Click below:

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Sara said...

I could get into this! I like the trailer! Mark Hamill?Check. People from other movies in the past that I liked but are forgetting the names of? Check. Blood?Check. Cool.

It looks different, at least. Almost reminds me of an M.Night.....but like, not the ones that sucked.

Anonymous said...

Looks promising.....I hope.

Sharon Day said...

Slight hints of the paranormal? So did "The Village" and we know what happened with that... hmm....

Marrow said...

Inception music:

And here's the comment I put on:

1. Pause this video at the start

2. Search YouTube for 'Airborne trailer templeheart'

3. Click the first video titled 'AIRBORNE Trailer'

4. Pause at start of AIRBORNE trailer and mute it.

5. Play both videos at the same time 8O

(Marrow - wasting others precious time since 1998)

@ autumnforest Dammit I loved The Village!