Thursday, June 2, 2011


Image by Richard Forward.


Sharon Day said...

Mwa hahaha

Marrow said...

Best blog header yet. So old-school and haloweeny. I even saved it to my computer.

I think you may have forgotten something though... Maybe you should get a little sleep. Those attic ghosts bothering you?

Word Verification: Imperson

Sara said...

Woah. Giant, witchy-organic-old lady face staring right at me pn your homepage! I like it. :) I could be way off, btw. lol. Glad you're back!

Rot said...

Yeah, I was tired of the pumpkins being up there. Still don't have my home pc hooked up so I didn't have photoshop to add the "pumpkinrot" text. Thought it looked pretty neat blank.

And that's an old latex witch mask : )