Friday, June 17, 2011

Now Sorta Playing: Parasomnia

Just ordered this score to the film Parasomnia, by Nicholas Pike. Haven't seen the film yet, but the samples were really impressive.

Click the Beksinski-inspired image to listen:


Unknown said...

Parasomnia is disappointing - the trailer is great, and there was potential... but it's just not very good.

Colleen said...

It seems you're always posting movie trailers. I'd like to share one with you. Have you seen the trailer for "The Troll Hunter"?

Rot said...

Thanks, Colleen.
Yep. Saw that trailer and we've been tempted to watch it on-demand, but keep putting it off.

I've heard great things about it.

Rot said...

We just watched it tonight and I totally agree with you.

The score was terrific though...probably the only good thing about the film (and the visuals inspired by Beksinski).