Monday, June 20, 2011

The Mean House

Remember the house on the block with the miserable couple living in there who hated everyone and everything? Who MUST have been sitting by the window perpetually since the reaction time to stepping on their grass and them screaming out their front door was almost simultaneous?

The one on our block was horrible. The old couple lived next door to family friends and we'd play in the backyard and pray the ball wouldn't bounce over the fence and land in their yard - which it of course did, many times. And each time, literally every single time, this crazed woman would fly out of the back door and scoop up the ball and take it into the house. And my friend's parents would never say anything to get them back.

Mischief night was invented for folks like these.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Had one of those on the block. We would play in the ally behind their house and if we would even touch the fence he would be right out there with flames coming out of his mouth. And if a ball would make it into his yard.....forget about it.

His house was definitly a target.

Necropolis said...

I had a similar childhood experience. Only mine was self-created. It turns out that if you don't talk to the old lady and never see her, you assume you will never get anything back from her yard because she's very mean and you are too afraid to ask her.

She turned out to be the sweetest old lady I'd ever met besides my own grandmother and we were pointlessly sneaking around her yard when a wiffle ball landed on the other side of the fence. Now, looking back, it was more fun when we thought she was an evil neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy said: Amen brother