Saturday, September 22, 2012

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch Blu-Ray

We received our special edition Halloween III yesterday.  It's like getting a king sized candy bar and then realizing you need the right occasion to eat it.  That you want to leave it in your trick-or-treat bag for a while.  To savor the anticipation.

Click below for an old TV spot:


Amy said...

Hmmm..well it's too warm today, but it's supposed to get stormy tonight. Watch some of the special features and save the movie. Did you get H II as well?

And I def recall doing the candy bar thing?

Rot said...

We watched the documentary and the location doc... We were GIDDY during the entire thing.

Tommy Lee Wallace seems like the most awesome dude.

The clips they were showing were crystal clear. Like shockingly clear.

I cannot WAIT to watch the movie.
Then to watch it with Wallace's commentary.
Then to watch it with Atkins commentary.

3rik said...

Tom Atkins is awesome and H3 definitely has one of the greatest original motion picture soundtracks ever!

girl6 said...

OMG..listening to Tom Atkins give commentary will be Divine!!!..

i've seen him around at Horror Conventions----but....i've Always been too shy to Actually speak to him...i'm working on it tho.. :D

Rot said...

Tommy Lee Wallace's commentary was a little disappointing. No insight on the production or direction...basically just talking about whether or not the locations were still around.

I think my hopes were set too high.

Looking VERY forward to Atkins'.
I hear he's a riot during it.

TheMatriculat said...

Just bought halloween II blu-ray anniversary edition. Blu-ray is the best with older movies. The sound is the biggest thing for me. I remember watching the fog in widescreen for the first time. When the leper opens the door to the radio room on the sea grass. That was not visible on the pan and scan version. The fog on blu-ray is amazing. Had to buy a french blu-ray becuase it wasn't out here. Its region free and will play on any blu-ray player. So many movies, so little time

The Gill-Man said...

Just finished watching the Horror's Hallowed Grounds bit. Saving the making of doc and the actual film for another night. VERY pleased with how both the HII and HIII discs came out. Shout!Factory really did a great job with these, down to the packaging (the reversible cover, featuring Milliner's great artwork on one side, the original poster art on the other? Such a perfect touch!)