Saturday, September 29, 2012

Paranormal Witness: Fire In The Sky

Looking SO forward to the 90 minute Paranormal Witness next week. 

Click below for a scene and a trailer:

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Adam said...

Haha, I was gonna call you out on that and then recognized the capital "SO" in the caption. My guess is this will probably rob you of atleast a half hour of sleep. I'll be sure to DVR this and watch it during the day, so Im not staring terrified out my windows waiting for that DAMN FACE to peer through the window. You gotta type up a review after the episode haha

Rot said...

Ha. Yeah, this will be pretty awesome.
I find it interesting that they never cover the events Walton describes which aren't "scary" the blonde humanoids and the weird shuttle bay he claims to have seen. Like the editors of his story over the years have been like "well, the big-eyed grey creatures are believable, the human ones aren't."

It's great to see all of the men doing interviews for this.

I'll totally watch this at night.
And I'll pay the price. Dearly.

Adam said...

Yep, no sleep for you. I think if the editors of his story actually brought the less creepy stuff to light more often it would have the whole event come off as more believable. The best part of the whole thing is that most parties involved passed lie detector tests. I know it's not 100% but that is pretty cool in that it gives their stories a bit more credibility. What kinda gets to me too, is that the preview for the episode looks almost shot for shot ripped off from the movie. almost looks like the same actors with the exception of Walton. for a second i thought Syfy was just using the movie clips. All an all the show has been pretty good and definitely creepy. Thansk for posting about it.

Erich Kuersten said...

Just saw this last night and it left me reeling. More than anything, pissed off about the skeptics of this world who would rather hound these poor guys into the earth than let this undeniable truth in. It's just too scary for most people to handle. No one wants to admit that there are beings who treat us the way we, say, biologists treat animals they capture in the wild. They might release them later, but first a creature used to bushes and trees is hoisted onto a medical table and subjected to all sorts of tests and measurements and strange lights overhead... all against their animal will. Who wants to admit complete powerlessness? As long as there's a sliver of doubt, these yokels can sleep at night. To hell with skeptics! Paranormal Witness is awesome since its one of the few recreation shows that focuses only on cases with reliable law enforcement multiple witnesses. It should scare the hell out of us. That is the only proper response. Damn, I'm ramblin' - anyway nice to be here

Rot said...

Hey Erich,
Thanks for the comment.
I can't wait to view it. Heard that it was an amazing episode.

I'll do a re-post after I watch it.

But I agree with you. Are all of those folks lying? If they were accused of a crime and they all passed a lie detector test, that'd be enough in some people's minds. I've seen suspects removed from interrogation over passing a lie detector test...

Can't WAIT to view this today after work.

Rot said...

Also, I've often thought of the idea of perception and comprehension when it comes to this stuff. A cat just can't comprehend what's happening at a vet visit. The brain is too limited. So I see this as perhaps something happening to humans that is beyond our brain's ability to comprehend. Like the cat.

Something truly beyond us.