Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Update

STILL without phone, internet, or cable.  But that's still way better than most folks.
Our township rescheduled Halloween.  It's now Friday night.  Weird.

I'll be getting to emails and blog comments whenever we're connected again.  And that might be a while.  So many trees down.

Happy Halloween, all!


Shani said...

Happy Halloween! Your diplay looks always! =D Our township postponed Halloween until Saturday afternoon. Not sure if we'll still get a few people tonight (since they aren't making it mandatory) but we're ready if we do.

Hope everything is up and running for you guys soon!!

NoahFentz said...

Yeah the Governor pushed it to Monday for Jersey. There is no school for the kids for the whole week. We opened on Halloween and it was a bust. We will try again on is what it is....

Sandy is a Bitch!!

Colleen said...

I had a good turn out here in Southern Maine! The day started dreary Rot.. gotta say I was worried, but it ended awesomely! I couldn't have asked for better weather! Even got to see the moon!! Rot, I hope Friday brings perfect haunting for you!

Marrow said...

Happy Halloween!
Hope you get reconnected soon.

Are you going to be setting up again on Friday?

miya said...

Dear Rot,
I'm so sorry the storm postponed Halloween. I hope you and your neighbors are okay and will enjoy your celebration on Friday. Thanks for all of the amazing inspiration!

zoltan said...

Hope all you guys are ok, we had to call off our outdoor decorations over here in the UK as it was so cold, windy and wet, although we're lucky we didn't have your weather!