Monday, October 22, 2012


Semi-Sweet Apple Wine Spiced With Cinnamon And Nutmeg. 

From the Pattitudes blog.



girl6 said...

i Love the graphics on the bottle..
they're very ray bradbury(ish)..
got me thinking about dandelion wine..

sighhhhh.. :)

Jason-v said...

Oooh I must find this!
I found it for sale, I'll be trying a few bottles!

Bat Ma'am said...

YUM that sounds amazing! I want to try it for that awesome bottle!!!

Shani said...

Sounds like it would tast a lot like Chaddsfords spiced apple wine. LOVE the bottle!!! Would love to find it just for that.

Xanthe said...

I recently tried this wine and thought it was yummy! Drink it slightly warm...It was 10$ a bottle here in central WI