Friday, October 5, 2012

Trick Or Treat

A re-post of my personal favorite Halloween "special."  Tales from the Darkside's "Trick or Treat."

There are clearer copies on youtube, but for some strange reason, the musical score has been replaced with a new one.

Click below for the original version.


bean said...

Hahaha...I often find myself saying "Trick or Treat!" in that witch's voice...

Adam said...

I just watch this. Wow is it amesome! Wish I would have seen this as a kid. I know Mr. Hackles is in another movie or two, very farmiliar voice. But I cant put my finger on it

Rot said...

He's been in a lot of things...He was in Tron (the original)...but he always played a nice guy.

My brother and I often get into morality discussions about this guy. I feel his Hellish demise wasn't fully earned. Sure he was cheap and miserable, but he DID really give the kids a chance to pay off their parent's debts...had the IOU's not been in the house at all, well that's different.

I think Satan had a slow day and just figured he'd snatch someone who was probably headed to Hell anyways...but later in life.

Fun to think about.

Think of how excited he is every year waiting for Halloween. He's the dark side of every Yard Haunter.

Rot said...

Also wanted to add..
My point is that the guy has been given his power by the greedy parents of the town. Had they all just laughed and said "Uh, no..we're not sending our kids in there, but here's my monthly payment" the old man would have been powerless, and his dreams of a Haunted House would have fizzled. But the parents' desire to have their debts paid off made them send their poor kids into a Hellish nightmare.

I love that in this sad little town, the children think of Halloween as the most horrifying, truly horrifying, night of the year.

They must get sick when they see the first pumpkin appear in a store.

LOVE this show.

Adam said...

Loved it. Gotta check out more episodes. Any recommendations? Also what did you think of Nickelodens "Are You Affraid of the Dark?"

Rot said...

truthfully, I think that was the best episode of the entire series...and it was the pilot..the rest have low production value...very low.

Can't think of any off the top of my head that are really worth seeking out. Anyone else?

Didn't see that show..I'll look it up.

Adam said...

you didnt see Are Yo Affraid of the Dark? Im not sure of your age but im 31 and it was a HUGE part of Nickelodens "Snick" programing. Basically shows for 10-14 demographic on saturday night. I used to watch it every saturday. It was on in the early 90's for about 5 years. Childish and goofy ghost stories told by "The Midnight Society". It actually had some creepy episodes. Well worth you checking out.

Marrow said...

I rented this out last week. Awesome, awesome pilot.

Adam, I was a huge fan of Are You Afraid Of The Dark when I was younger. Fantastic show (especially the opening sequence). The episode 'Dead Man's Float' scared the hell out of me.

But to me, the BEST halloween special ever is 'Goosebumps - The Haunted Mask'. Well, it's more of a made-for-tv movie, but it's INCREDIBLE.

mlw33 said...

Actually there are several excellent episodes of Tales from the Darkside aside from Trick or Treat--which I agree is the best one. However some other good episodes are

Halloween Candy
Inside the Closet
The Last Car
Anniversary Dinner
The Grither

You should really seek these out, they are among the best of the series.
I used to watch these with my mom when I was around 7 or 8. They scared the crap out of me back then--the opening of the show scared me more than fhe show itself, now I like them for the nostalgia factor but there were a few really good stories in the bunch,

Adam said...

There is a AYAOTD episode with a ghost girl in a mirror which is creepy and I remember a episode where a family plays a game show against these big demon looking things that was WAY wierd

Anonymous said...

I loved Tales from the Darkside. Such a great show.