Sunday, October 20, 2013

Face Hole

I imagine my dad telling his jittery kids to go up to that skeleton cut-out and put their faces through it.  And then yelling at us for ruining the photo since our bodies would clearly be seen due to the fact that the skeleton wasn't wide enough.  I'm sure I would have been the third and final kid to do this.  And it'd be like waiting for the firing squad.

And then he'd probably say "Well, there ain't even film in the camera. I just wanted you all to have fun!"


Image by William Wilson.


Rot said...

I imagine a shrink saying "And how did this make you feel when it happened?"
and me saying "well it DIDN'T happen, but it COULD HAVE!"

[something quickly written down in shrink's pad]

Anonymous said...

Our parents drove us to the insanity we are at today. My dad loved scaring when I was a little, and I tell him it's his fault I'm like this today.

He just laughs and says "Those were good times".

girl6 said...

never let the truth get in the way of a Great story.

JD said...

I relate to this way too much...