Sunday, October 13, 2013


Finally having some nice Autumn weather, so we went for a drive yesterday and stopped at a favorite shop in Bucks County - Bountiful Acres.  Unfortunately, the Christmas decorations had already pushed out most of the Halloween, but they still had some hanging around the shop and they had a ton of pumpkins and gourds.

Saw this on the way...


Anonymous said...

I need to go to this place some time. It can't be that far from me.

Guess it's too late now if the Christmas stuff is pushing in already.

Sara said...

Fan.tastic. Pictures! Great shots!! :)

And dude, the headless horseman?! How cool!!!

Rot said...

It's pretty far from Lancaster.
In Bucks County...near New Hope.
It used to be worth the drive, but he's really scaled back on the Halloween in recent years.

Shani said...

Christmas already? =( I haven't even stopped in yet to see the Halloween decor. I need to just stop past it to and from work. Ok again.....Christmas already?!?!?!

Rot said...



Wings1295 said...

Great pics! Love all the pumpkins. But... a Headless Horseman! Yoinks!

Pik-Cor said...

I love the headless horseman! But yeah, Xmas decor squeezing out Halloween before it's even happened!?
The end of the World is Nigh!

And I'm only half kidding.

girl6 said...

Dag..he Really gets around with being headless & All. :D

& these pics are Glorious!!.
i Especially LOVE the 2nd one, sooo

broevil said...

I pass that horse a few times a week. I was delighted to see the Horseman added!!

Shani said... I had a break in my schedule today and decided to head on over to Bountiful. Shocked doesn't even discribe it!! I couldn't believe how much Christmas was out!! O_o

Whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Oy evay! I did buy more pumpkins, a mum and some bales of hay. So not a total loss....but still just shocked at how little of Halloween decor is left =(