Monday, October 28, 2013

Faces Of The Great Pumpkin

Get your votes in by midnight on Wednesday, October 30th.

Click below for the entries:


girl6 said...

ohhhhhhh man.
my entry is a movie i shot on Carl's phone, using an old silent film flavored app.
i worked really hard on it too.
& then, for some reason i just couldn't release it.
it's like i didn't feel safe doing so, i guess i could submit it next year, god willing.

maybe, i'll send it over to you sometime to check out...doesn't matter tho, i'm Proud that i did it, that it woulda been the only film entry & Most Importantly, i'm Happy with the end result..i Love the sweetness of it.

Oh & i LOVE.. Pumpkin King by Jaime Andrews.
&..TRICK by Daniel Fool.
they're both Very different, but, they both "Get it".

girl6 said...

P.S..Oh & it goes without saying, just how "Magical" Rania's entry is, she caught the Great Pumpkin in real time..he's Beautiful, like a jack skellington!..Good Luck Rania!!!

Autumnleaf said...

I wish your movie had been up there, Girl6, I'd LOVE to see it!!..and those same two entries were also my favorites. If there were prints of Pumpkin King I'd be on that list!