Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Space Jockey But Were Afraid To Ask

The Jockey itself is regarded as a marvel of the movie; a nigh unparalleled sight in the series. Giger himself was humble when describing it, saying: “I modeled it myself, in clay. It was then cast in polyester. I worked particularly on the head, and I painted it. To make the pieces of skin, I put on some latex and then scrubbed it off. Then painted some more. If we had more days, we could have made it better — but I think for the film it’s okay.”

The article goes on to mention that The Pilot prop was destroyed in a fire by vandals back in 1979.  I'm refusing to process that fact at the moment and I'm sure I'll go on and on about this at a later date.

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Autumnleaf said...

Rot, I'm afraid that fact is true. My parents and their friends went to the Alien premiere at Gramens Chinese Theater in 1979. It was there out in front of the theater. When they exited the show it had been torched and completely destroyed. To this day I can't decide which is worse...knowing the prop was destroyed or not being invited to that premiere.

Rot said...

thanks for sharing that story...
I'm not sure which was worse : )

Though I keep telling myself this makes the prop more mysterious.

Amy said...

Rot would like to torch the jockeys that appeared in Prometheus :)

Autumnleaf said...