Thursday, May 29, 2014

Space Monsters

Saw this on the Classic Movie Monsters blog today - Seymour Simon's Space Monsters From Movies, TV, and Books.

I owned this during the formative years, and I feel like I carried it around a lot.  Took it places.  Like a Pastor who carries around an old Bible.  A real buzzkill at family events I'm sure (me and the Pastor).

So I looked the author up and found that he has a site and discusses the book:

Very cool.  Loved this book.  Constantly read it.  Drew the monsters in it.  And wanted the Martian from War of the Worlds as a pet.

Found a couple pages from it here.


girl6 said...

yeah, this is a wonderful reference book. do u still have the drawings that it inspired? we would Love to see em. <3333333

when i was a kid, my mom & i would meet my father at the Reading Terminal evvvvvvry Friday night like clockwork
it was so Exciting for me!!! we would meet him at this dumpy, rundown stall that sold old used magazines & paperbacks (the paperbacks would have their covers ripped off & sold for 10c each, most of the mags still had their covers & sold for like 50c, depending upon what they were.

i would ALWAYS pick out something monster oriented.
i remember finding those Universal Monster mags,
the ones that would depict a story by using actual stills
from the classic films, my ALL time favourite find (issue)
was the Mole People one. OMG..i LOVED it tooooo Shreds.
so every friday night, i would dig thru ALL the mags looking for a cool monster one. found some cool Big Foot stuff too. after we shopped, we would have dinner at the Glass House Restaurant, also in the Reading Terminal Market. those Fridays mean so much to me. my pops was such a COOL guy, he was able to make Friday nights a Magical experience for me. Monster magazines & shrimp dinners or cheeseburgers were my BIG Loves!. :)

the Glass House is a different restaurant now
& i think the book stall has been converted to a candy shop. whenever i go to the Reading Terminal, i'm ALWAYS transported back to those early monster days, they were so Lovely!.

i totally identify with your post, brought me right back to another time.

Sorry, i rambled.

Rot said...

my mother has a bag in her attic of all of my early drawings. Whenever I'm over there I forget to go up there and get it.
I'll try to remember to grab that thing so I can scan some of the weirder ones.

Thanks for sharing that memory.
VERY very cool.
: ) Mole People.