Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Film Connoisseur

Tons of great content on this film blog.

The Film Connoisseur.


girl6 said...

wow man, i Loved his (new) Godzilla review vs Pacific Rim, so nicely put.

i also liked his Existenz & Savages reviews as well.
i'll probably never watch Savages, but i liked a lot of the
points he made concerning the film.

VERY Cool movie blogger.
i'll Definitely read a lot more of his reviews too,
maybe all of em.

Sara said...

Looooooooove this! Thanks!! Gozer! The Gozarian! Lol

Rot said...

i spent a TON of time on there.

we're off to see the Lizard...this week after work one day. : )

girl6 said...

Yayyyyyy, you're going to see the Zilla.. :)