Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Headless Woman

A prop like this at night would have been a potential stroke for me when I was a kid.

Image by Jason.


screaminscott said...

A good title for this would have been "The quiet woman"

Anonymous said...

Definitely. I would of ran away like a little girl.

Rot said...

A comment by dampviolets that I accidentally deleted (I blame yahoo mail):

OMG me too, did you happen to see the video with the headless guy that pulls up to the fast food drive thru?
Don't have the link but it was hysterical. The one worker says to her co-workers "this boy doesn't look too good"

Rot said...

I haven't seen that.
Headless effects are amazing these days. I'd say it's hypnotic.

Willow Cove said...


Ragged Grin said...

I've got sketches of a young boy, hoisted in the air by a couple strong vines, masked head in one outstretched hand, cleaver in the other. Not sure if I'm willing to go that far.