Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10 Halloween Offenders Sam Should Punish In Trick ‘R Treat 2!

Thought this was a fun article.

Click below:


Adam said...

So so accurate

Frankenrock said...

Ha! Pennies were the worst. And douchebags that can't suspend reality and have fun at a haunt attraction are fucking boring.. though people that suck at scaring people aren't too much fun either. :)

Ragged Grin said...

Can I add the neighbor that hands out 3-10 year old hard candy that never makes it out of the candy dish otherwise?

girl6 said...

Ok..Seriously, pennies & stale candy are the devils hands at work, know what i'm sayin. those people need a good hard karate chop to the windpipe. : (

i did LOVE it tho. when i would receive those McDonalds's coupon books in my treat bag. OMG, they were PURE love, cause, my mom would then take me to the closest McDonald's, which was right near all the porn theatres & slice-o- pizza joints. man ohhhh man, did those hot apple pies & shakes taste was all SO Exciting!!!.hahahaha
i always loved the seedy side of town...sigh, those were the days!. Good times.

Rot said...

we loved those too.
the designs were always such pure Halloween.

And then that weird unicef Halloween thing that would pop up everywhere...

Truly the good old days.