Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rock Quarry Grave
This track would be neat to play on Halloween night like those old Spooky Sound Effects cassettes they used to sell in bubble packs at card stores.


Holy Tarra said...

Love it! I used to have one of those old sound effects tapes I played in my car during October. Had a lot of stuff from movie soundtracks.....mostly Hell Raiser.
May have to dig out this year.

girl6 said...

old's cool for sure!

speaking of old school
some good stuff for the beggars
carl told me, mcdonald's is offering the coupon, treat booklets for halloween & wendy's has a booklet (for only a $1) filled with 10 jr. frosty coupons.

Rot said...

THAT is awesome.

highbury said...

I got my notification that this record is on its way in the mail. I CANNOT WAIT to throw this on the turntable!!