Monday, September 28, 2015

Dark Ride

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Terrormaster said...

I have a strange fascination with dark rides. No so much that I actively go hunting down pictures. But whenever I do stumble on them I'm always enamored with a sense of nostalgia. I would love to see a modernized comeback short of having to go to a themepark or carnival to partake - you know, modern animatronics and scare-actors. From a haunter's perspective I have to admire the notion because the beauty of it is it's fare easier to control the pace and flow of guests moving through versus walking (which also has it's own advantages like the ability for scare-actors to get in your face).

girl6 said...

this...oh yeah.<333

The Creeping Cruds said...

Just watched The Funhouse - which is kind of an annual deal to start the autumn horror experience.
There is so much visual retro spookery and carny nostalgia in that flick it outweighs the intended monster story itself. There really are no other movies like it.
This photo takes me there as well..

boo_hiss said...

This is the time of year for the Tulsa State Fair, which I no longer go to after they kicked Bell's Amusement Park off the fairgrounds. But I still get the strong nostalgia every year for the roller coaster (Zingo) and Phantasmagoria, their classic Bill Tracy dark ride. At least it lives on, on Youtube: