Saturday, September 5, 2015

Profondo Rosso: 40 Years

Anniversary soundtrack release of a score we play a lot around this house.


highbury said...

"The album will be available in several forms including CD DigiPack, red vinyl, various limited edition box sets that include posters, pins, murder kits and even a replica of the infamous DEEP RED “mad puppet”."

Murder kit? SOLD!!!

girl6 said...

yes, 40 effin years of Blissssss..<333
you know, dario's movies & these guys make the most wonderful Love together!!

we watched Phenomenon again last week & the music is STILL flowing thru my brain!!!...i've heard dario say that Phenomenon is his favourite outta all his pics.

so Glad, we got to see Goblin in Philly in October NO Less!!!!..<3