Thursday, July 21, 2016

Engineers Are Not Space Jockeys?

I love that other people are as troubled as I am about this.

The comments section is the best, as most folks ignore the simple fact that Ridley Scott did, in fact, try to explain that the Space Jockey [non-humanoid-shaped] creature was actually just a humanoid in a [illogically-designed] space suit.  
That said, I still reject it.  
There's just no way.

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Willow Cove said...

It's like shoving a square into a round hole, it just doesn't fit. I read an Alien comic book when i was a kid and the Pilot was a species that looked like a tapir thing. And they collected the alien biomech/facehuggers/eggs from it's home planet where it lived. Hence the exploded ribs on the mummy pilot. Oh well.

The Gill-Man said...

I believe that the Space Jockey is either a being the Engineers based their suits upon, OR the suit is organic, and melds with its user...essentially becoming part of him with time. The idea of it "just" being a suit? Nah, I don't buy it.

girl6 said...

THAT GIF Tho!!!!!..<3333333!!
it's like he's in Transformer mode!!..HAHAHAHHAHA..but he sorta is i guess. i wish i could ask Geiger. "if Ganesh had made any impact in any of his design choices over the years?" cause i definitely see & feel a strong Hindu vibe in his art. SO beautiful & peaceful!!!.<3

i think you guys feel about this, like the way i do about OLD Doctor Who versus NEW Doctor Who. Old Doctor Who is definitely better, but there ARE Still some very beautiful moments with the New Doctors. i also think fans don't like when the mystery of something they love is explained, no matter what the explanation may be. just keep the mystery...sacred. i understand.

girl6 said...

Oh & i saw a Predator meets the Archies comic book...HAHAHahha..& of course, Betty & Veronica were bickering over who (the Predator thought) was the hottest & who was he going to kill. : D

Autumnleaf said...

I forgive Ridley for Prometheus.