Sunday, July 17, 2016

More Carpenter

An excellent post over at the awesome Highbury Cemetery blog.
Some great photos and a terrific video...

Click below:


Joel said...

So awesome.

Have you heard of the Netflix series "Stranger Things"? We started it this weekend - really enjoying the Stephen King vibe and the Carpenter-esque soundtrack.

The opening titles are pretty great:

highbury said...

"I love horror movies. Horror movies will live forever."

Worth every penny. This show was SO MUCH FUN!! Thanks, Rot!

Rot said...

So many folks have recommended that to me.
Can't wait.
We're going to watch this week.

girl6 said...

we have like almost the whole concert on Carl's phone. i can totally just whip it out & listen to my own private JC like anytime, like at the CVS self check outs!! HAHAHHAHAH. Rockin Out in Philly.<3!!!

High Noon Records said...

Gonna have to gravitate toward Stranger Things here. Got completely consumed by this series yesterday. Music is great - put the theme on our countdown. It captures the time ('83 I believe) very well...from what I hear anyway :)

Rot said...

we got three episodes in and we LOVE it.
and the