Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Beast Of Whitehall

I'm going to call this my personal favorite documentary on the subject of Sasquatch, as this case in particular is extremely creepy and super strange, and quite convincing. 

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girl6 said...

yeah, back to it's roots!!!
great angle for a doc on Big.
i'm totally down & look forward to hearing this dude out.

so, i guess they're going to keep Dr. Ketchum's samples/physical findings under wraps? like, how can they do that? i gotta dig & see if there are any new updates.

a bit ago, i really got into watching found footage on Big. HAHAHAHAHAH!!! i was eating them up like candy. i thought the Willow Creek one, directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, was pretty cool, had all the right feels. i also liked Exists by Edwardo Sanchez, even tho, the previews really didn't do it justice, made it feel goofy (& not in a good way) but i was happy with the actual full length. i thought the ending was sad & pretty interesting too. & then...there was one, can't remember the name, which did like this whole Deliverance thing...omg. & the rest are just a blurrrrr. i LOVE my Big tho!!! : D

Jay's Shadow said...

Poor Bigfoot. The humans just won't let him/her alone. Can't even go for a nice stroll in the woods or the field with out being video'd, yelled at, shot at, etc.

I wonder if Bigfoot would just walk up to someone and say, "Can I have some of the royalties from all of the movies you dumb humans show about me?" What would they do.........

Hopsy the beer drinking clown said...

I actually live not too far from where this all went down. I plan on going out there this spring and hiking around the area...now where is my sasquatch suit???

girl6 said...

they better take those checkbooks out..PRONTO!!!
& be like..hey, is that Mr. Big Foot or just Bigfoot. : D

omggggg!!!..a Sas suit would be grand!!! Yes, please!!! : )