Thursday, February 9, 2017


Image by John Lawson.


girl6 said... man, looks like he could part the red sea..gorgeous!!!...<333

were you outside making snow angels?. : D
hahahaaa...because, they made this out to be like a REAL storm. but, maybe, it's different where you are. center city is totally out of the prison diet: milk, bread & tp. we got lots of slush tho, kinda nothing really.

Rot said...

as i get older and older i am more and more with all those old people i used to ponder over when they treated snow like tuberculosis. we didn't get much and it was pretty easy to get off the cars and thankfully the weathermen blew it again. though we got a snow day out of it : )

Jay's Shadow said...

Maybe this guy scared away the 6 to 8" we were supposed to get.

It's good the weather man got it wrong. Had to repair a break line on my truck.

girl6 said...

older & you're 300 or something. : D
& here's to shotty weather predictions, especially when it comes to snow!!!!