Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Don't Wake Up


girl6 said...

that whole sexual molestation (incubus--succubus) / arousal thing is a big part of the key, i would say. & how creepy is that atom ant / ant man hat thing, uggghhh, keep that away from me. thank you!!!

did you hear the philly shout out? & Newfoundland is my hometown!!! such a beautiful & magical place. old magic.

have you ever checked out, "it came from outer space"? that movie really hits the nail on the head with so much. ray bradbury did the screen treatment which was also based on one of his stories. ray made some great points about alien abduction, like the holocaust, native & african americans all being taken against their will & destroyed in one fashion or another. brrrrrrrrr. we would do the same thing to aliens, as we fear, they would do to us. ray was like, hey, imagine man going to another planet & discovering the inhabitants looked like giant humming birds. what would we do? yep, kill em of course.

we got to watch, "it came from outer spoace" the bluray 3D edition on Carl's new gigante 3D TV. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! omg, i thought i was going to fall into the screen & the 3D was amazing!!! soooooooo much detail. i really dig that movie!!

at the premier for Close Encounters, Steven Spielberg asked Ray Bradbury, what was it like watching his movie? & Ray didn't understand. & SS was like, well, there wouldn't have been a Close Encounters, without your, It Came From Outer Space. so yeah, Close Encounters is yours!!..<3333 awwwwww & SS is not one of my faves, but i LOVE that he actually did & said that. : )

i'm in Mulder's camp. : )

girl6 said...

example...Anais Nin...abductee?
OR...A l i e n?
sucha creppy looking, little school marm of a chick...brrrrr