Thursday, February 23, 2017

Missing 411: The Voicemail


Jay's Shadow said...

Damn creepy.

I miss listening to this show. LOVE Coast to Coast AM.

girl6 said...

that guy's poor wife. i can't even imagine.

the FBI & CIA are such effers. all the lives they have destroyed. & they're supposed to be our keepers. it's kinda sickening.

david paulides has our backs tho. doesn't matter what the reasons are for these horrible disappearances, david has our back, he's the real deal out there. he needs to have his own t.shirt.."what would snake do" with david's big beautiful face right below. HAHAHHAHAHA!!!! love that dude.

Rot said...

If the world ever ended, I'd stay close to David Paulides.
Dude would be a superhero.

And, yeah...that poor guy's wife. The idea of getting THAT message as your loved one's final moments on the earth is too horrifying to ponder.

Sara said...

A few good points brought up: growling is common with tazering. Second, why did this guy want to be dropped off ? It's fishy. Like someone said, perhaps something else was going on in his life that his wife didn't know about. So interesting. Crazy stuff.

Rot said...

I wonder if tazering leaves any long-lasting marks on the skin...though if he had been in the water for a long time, I guess that ruins that.

Willow Cove said...

Yeah i keep thinking about this case. Why was he dropped off late away from his house? So weird. And that phone message is chilling. I wish that the local news didn't have to muddle it up with their own commentary. I like how David Paulides gives tips on how to stay safe out there in his talks. Notify family of your plans, hikes, etc. It is not just a paranormal angle, but safety he is advocating for.