Friday, July 28, 2017

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: 40th Anniversary Trailer

Click below:


Goneferalinidaho said...

Such a great movie!

Autumnleaf said...

I SO love this film!

girl6 said...

i got all confused for a sec & was thinking ET, that they were all OUCHIN & Phonin home & then i was like...oh wait. it's the other one. hahaha. i do think they're holding up the wrong finger tho, as SS gives us the finger everyday.

i give SS 3 passes & this IS one of them. the other two are Duel (his BEST) & Jaws. ET is very CUTE & totally manipulative of the audience. he did write & direct Close Encounters tho, so that gave him a lot of creative control, making for a pretty solid & good film. i don't really care for THIS preview tho, doesn't capture the vibe of or do the movie justice. the movie was SO much more warm & meaningful than this grandiosa trailer. too BIG.

& that heavy handed, sneaky crap, he pulled with Poltergeist totally let me down. i have no faith in him. he's totally disloyal & a cheater.

Rot said...

yeah..i saw that pop up again recently about him being the true director of POLTERGEIST and not Hooper. Felt really bad for Hooper living all these years with this weird credit to an incredible movie...and then finding out that the weird whispered rumors were really true.


Autumnleaf said...

Yeah...I have trouble with this preview. They tried to fit a beloved 80's film into a 2017 style format. Doesn't fit. They could have at least stuck with the original Williams music for starters.