Saturday, July 15, 2017


So, as a guy who hates going to malls, I made a trip to a local mall where I knew they had a Yankee Candle Store.  Mind you, I'm not proud of this fact...  that I visited a mall for the sole reason of smelling a candle called Autumn Dusk.
I get in there and start sniffing around, and I can't find it.  I see their other new Autumn scents, and they're all soapy and perfumey.  But Autumn Dusk is nowhere.  So now I'm going to be forced to ask the store employee "Do  you have that new Fall scent?" [trying to butch it up.]  And she's like "We have a few new scents! Which one were you looking for?!"  And I lie "I think it's called something like Autumn Dusk."  And she says "No, that's not one of the new ones."  And I'm like "...nah...I'm pretty sure it's called Autumn Dusk."  And she SHOULD have been like "I thought you didn't know what it was called!"  but then she remembers, "That's our web exclusive scent!"  And I'm like "Web Exclusive?!  Who buys a candle without smelling it?!" [blowing my cover...and exposing my non-butchiness.]

So there you have it.  Save yourself a trip to the store. 


Willow Cove said...


Jay's Shadow said...

Man, I absolutely hate having to ask a store employee for something. Either they never heard of it or they don't have it. ( without even looking)

That's why I do online shopping anymore.

Unknown said...

Guilty. I bought it last week without smelling it and paid their high ransom request. Seriously, how could it not be awesome? I will let you know when it arrives.

Rot said...

hope it's great!

highbury said...

Talk about taking one for the team!! (Quietly goes back to sniffing his old Witches' Brew candle...)

Autumnleaf said...

I guess that's why the samplers were all sold out online. Only could get the large (expensive) jar....which I didn't.

Adam said...

Noooooooo. Hey man, Im at the Boney Bunch release every year. Forget trying to sound masculine about going to Yankee Candle haha

girl6 said...

sounds like you had a decent salesperson tho.

as for shoulda stormed the place, wearing your Michal Myers mask, with some sawdust thrown behind your ears, carrying a large blade & asked for Autumn Dusk in that HEAVY BREATHY MM voice!!! : D

we saw some cool Fall Candles at Ross last weekend. they were "Pure Radiance" which is a division of Yankee. & what was a really nice xtra bonus was the jar itself. it was clear glass, but, had like a wood grain paneling effect etched into the glass, even with wood knots!!! cool jar, the "ginger pumpkin", i think? was pretty nice. the candles were giant size. around $8.99.

P.S..Adam Green IS also a HUGE Yankee Candle Fan!!! very cool.