Thursday, July 20, 2017

Target Halloween Sneak Peek

Courtesy of The Spooky Vegan blog.

Click below:
Thanks, K.O., for the heads up!


Autumnleaf said...

I just check this out on their blog last night! Looks like some fun stuff. I kinda like the spooky doorbell, among other things.

Jay's Shadow said...

Cool light with the ghosties on it. I could get that for my bedroom so I can fall asleep to ghostly shadows flying around my walls.

Vintage Seance said...

They're usually the last to put out their decorations, so fun to see some of it early!

Willow Cove said...

I like the skelly candy dish, shadows light, and believe it or not, the neon bat. It's rad!

Sara said...

Some of these items are pretty unique. Where were they when I was in my early 20's? I searched and searched for decor like this at stores like Target. And now I have a family and no disposeable inclome, LOL! Bad timing. ;)

girl6 said...

yeah Target, really goes out every year, SO much dedication to the BIG day.
i'm down with that skelly swamui. hopefully, we'll get to check it out in person!!!

one year...i found a set of chattering teeth in an apothecary jar. totally hit the spot for me, so glad i snatched them up!!!