Sunday, July 30, 2017

Redlettermedia: George Romero Tribute

Watched a great review of Romero's film Martin by the guys at Red Letter Media and there was the coolest little tribute at the end.
I have the video set to go at the tribute.

Click below (some gore and profanity so it's not work-friendly):


Jay's Shadow said...

I just watched the original Friday night.

He will ALWAYS be the originator of zombies.

girl6 said...

Awwww that face!!!!
one of the sweetest funniest greatest men ever. : )

Nice review. sooooooo mmuch to love about Martin. i always dug how it sorta presented the story & it's backstory via the original Cat People. & the home invasion has a whole lotta Cabinet of Dr, Caligari goin on. Marin (& the actor) really channel Conrad Veidt & the filming itself IS amazing, especially the scene with Martin running along the spiral of the staircase!!! gahhh!!. & if George was vibin on Cat People & Caligari, it's done SO wonderfully & fresh too, totally doesn't feel like ripoffs. George was the mold & now he's gone. sucha loss for Art & the human race. he excelled at both. he was often imitated never duplicated tho. sigh. i always hoped to meet him again & bombard him with so many questions i have.

we're going to do a GR Fest. i CAN'T wait to watch Season of the Witch again!!! man, it's so sad, his passing, really feels like losing a beloved family member. : (