Friday, October 20, 2017

A Haunting On Dice Road: The Hell House

We bought Small Town Monsters' Invasion on Chestnut Ridge this morning to watch tonight, and while on amazon I spotted this gem available for streaming with Amazon Prime.  Dear God does it look great...going to watch this as well.

Click below for the trailer...


Caffeinated Joe said...

Looks interesting. Thanks for the heads up! 👻

girl6 said...

man, that looks GOOD!!!
we use C's sister's Prime acct, so yeah, we will def be checking this out. i just LOVE getting a deal on a movie, no matter where..hahaha

this trailer made a few things come to mind. first..when that guy is listening to the cassette tapes & mentions the DEEP voice, i cracked up so hard, because, it made me think of that post of yours, the one with the satanic talking toaster. & i remembered saying at the time, how the voice of the toaster sounded like Eli Wallach.

then..i got to wondering, what if this was happening to me & i went to my priest, Father Gill for help? like what would he say to me. he's a SUPER COOL dude, but, just how cool is he really!?!?!..HAHAHAHHA

& lastly..we keep watching that Exorcist show on Fox tv. it's not really very good. but, there were moments last year..when we were lovin on it kinda hard & then it just went totally kapooey. AND..this season, we keep watchin & i keep saying to C.."funny, they couldn't bring Hannibal back, but, here we are watching a 2nd season of this"...HAHAHAHAH. this year is worse. it opened up like that movie The Void sorta. but now...ughhhh. i CAN'T stop watching it tho!!!!

Rot said...

eh...we just got done watching and it's actually quite infuriating.
Real interviews with old witnesses...former police and firemen and the family involved were some of the most chilling tales i've ever heard. Absolutely convincing.
Then this clown who makes these films proceeded to fake a literal ton of ghostly evidence... pictures suddenly upside down....a ouija planchette sliding out of his hands...ghosts looking in windows and materializing in the house. It was nonstop. And insulting. And offensive to the story. It was the singular most creepy and convincing documentary, if you fast-forward through the fraud's paranormal investigation footage.

just maddening. I've never been so angry at a documentary. I feel badly for the folks' interviewed.

Frig this guy.

girl6 said...

we watched it last night!!! yeah, i think your review is spot on. it really was pretty chilling for awhile, even gave me the hard creeps a few times. but, it totally went the other way & just became very distracting & totally felt like a very different project. i guess that Shippy dude is really into show. he might wanna consider replacing the 2 pp's for 2 other twin letters. & he was doing something crazy with his voice too. he really turned it into a spoof.

did you like when they showed the police reports & the witness section (i think) was filled in with..None! the exclamation point cracked us up. it's like i filled in the report. hahahha!!

it's ok tho.
just makes you appreciate the nest one that's really good EVEN more.

Rot said...

haha...I didn't see that!


so disappointing.