Saturday, October 7, 2017

Not Playing [Waiting]: MØRKETS VARIABLER

Dark ambient project Svartsinn's next release is due out on October 31st.

Click below for samples (really digging them):


Rot said...

Echoes Of Silent Cries (Among The Sea Of Trees) is pretty sweet.
Like something you'd hear on a sode of HANNIBAL

Jay's Shadow said...

This is some really good stuff.

highbury said...

More great dark ambient from Svartsinn. He is quickly becoming a mainstay in my October playlists. And the double vinyl fold-out packaging looks amazing.

girl6 said...

i can see that.
i always loved how percussive & rhythmic the hannibal tracks are. they make your blood sing. that's the only way i can truly describe it..<333

Sean said...

Great music!