Sunday, October 8, 2017

Now Playing: Resident Evil, The Final Chapter

The "final" Resident Evil film turned out to be our favorite of the series.  I hadn't seen nor heard any reviews of this film and it seemed to die a quick death here in the States (not in China), but it was really enjoyable and very well made.  Great action and pacing, and a lot of heart.  And a solid story. 

Click below for the end credits cue by Paul Haslinger...


girl6 said...

man...she is such an awesome action hero. SO badass!!! like the REAL deal. she will always be St. Joan to me. gahhhhh, that performance of hers!!! UNselfconscious. Perfect. like Ted Levine as Jame Gumb kinda perfect.

Lelu ain't bad either. : D
LOVE Lelu. : ))))))

Primwitch69 said...

We’ve not seen it yet but will now! Thanks!