Tuesday, November 28, 2017

400 Lonely Things

My first entry about this musical project was back in 2009.  Been a huge fan ever since and recently learned there's a new album.  Old school ambient musical soundscapes.  Absolutely love it.

If you've never heard of 400 Lonely Things, click below first to hear an incredible album from 2008, a tribute to Night of the Living Dead, and something that would make the ultimate soundtrack for a Yard Haunt:


Back when we were shooting Swamp Foetus, I used a few tracks from the album below as temp tracks to help me edit the footage:

And click below for their latest release (track 14 is amazing [and over forty minutes long]):


girl6 said...

i've only listened to the first tune (Love Me) so far. it's so beautiful. has like this 60's 70's sorta pink floyd vibe going on. i LOVE the title too. it's actually the perfect song for..the Devil. his theme song. i always imagine him saying, "love me" over & over..thru all eternity. he's so lonely. this tune IS perfect for him on so many different levels.

Nice cover art too!!