Thursday, November 30, 2017

Shadow Wood Halloween 2017

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ShellHawk said...

Spooky Blue and you were the ones who really got me into building stuff for Halloween! LOVE to see new offerings from him!

Rot said...

his was definitely one of the ones I first discovered and was like "Other people do what I do?"

a classic spookyblue...and, oddly, I thought I did a 2017 post on his display already...was shocked when I couldn't find one.

Theo said...

Spook!! The first haunter I ever came across online, and fortunately so. I firmly believe that his tutorials have changed HUNDREDS of Halloween households all over the U.S.A and further afield. And such a funny, sweet dude.

Cheers to you, Spooky Blue!

Willow Cove said...

Yup, Spookyblue was one of the first I found on the internet

girl6 said...

& Pink Flamingos too!?!?!? hahahahaha!!!..That's the straight.up BEST. i wish John Waters could see that (flamingos) pic. I LOVE the carnival drops!!!! & those dogs are SO Beautiful...they don't even look real. SO BEAUTIFUL.

SO much heart & personality in this haunt. : ))))))))

Ragged Grin said...

It was Spooky Blue that led me here actually, yes it's his fault. Still one of my favorite haunts.