Sunday, November 19, 2017

Deads End Yard Haunt Halloween 2017

More images here.


Ragged Grin said...

Cool atmosphere. Love the witch design.

Jay's Shadow said...

GREAT haunt. Love the witch and love the collection of masks too.

girl6 said...

at first..i thought that was a GIANT Easter Bunny in the first pic!!!!! & honestly, i'm a little sad that it isn't. that RED skelly is Frank straight up outta HellRaiser..LOVE it. But my FAVE..i the the WereWolf (Dog Soldier Style). i love Love LOVE seeing a werewolf in a haunt. don't matter if it's an old school (Larry Talbot style) wolfman or a werewolf. LOVE them All. & hardly anyone reps them in a haunt. LOVE this haunt.<333