Friday, April 20, 2018

6 Must Die


girl6 said...

hahahaha..i was too lazy to find a sly stallone (rocky) video clip.

ok..i feel a little bit bad. but, not like really.
cause..i really dislike the babysitter..Mrs. Kobritz. uggh..she's the pits!!! sooooo whiney. like lay off the Manischewitz lady. seriously, that kid Andy, needs a much younger chick or dude to be babysitting him. someone that can actually go outside with him & keep an eye out. i am SO happy when Mrs. K, gets offed. Thank the lord..i say it every single time.

& when JC (Bennett) is talkin to Father Malone..askin can he get worst delivery/acting evvvverrrr. hahahaha. it's bad man. & yet..he's SO brilliant. anyway..that's a whole lotta mustache goin on in that scene between those two.
: D

Willow Cove said...

I love the photo. How the fog is lit from below so the whole body form is in shadow. It would be neat to see in a haunt....