Friday, April 27, 2018

Trailer: Halloween IV


girl6 said...

"6 bodies sheriff..that's what i see!!!!"
like The Fog..hahha. 6

man...Love ALL that Loomis. he's the Gov that one. JC originally wanted Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee for the part. idk what that would've been like. i do wonder sometimes, but, i think the right man filled the shoes in the end. can you imagine Chris Lee as Loomis. cause, omg man..he's SO tall. like 6'5. that woulda been crazy. hahahaha. somewhere out there the alternate universes there are other Sams.<3

i always loved the mask scene in this flick. Perfect.

Rot said...

I remember reading that somewhere...and it's interesting to try to imagine that.
Like Peter Cushing? GOD, how incredible that would have been to see.

I think Lee would have come across too powerful...i think loomis needed a little timidness and lack of confidence.... Donald had that...and Cushing would have had that.

girl6 said...

i agree. Peter C has a fragile quality to him.
Chris with that BIG booming voice!!! hahahha. too crazy.
maybe, he shoulda been the shape.

Anonymous said...

Peter Cushing for sure.

That was a cool trailer too.