Thursday, April 19, 2018

Foggy Thoughts

Some really neat photos from John Carpenter's The Fog.

More images here.


girl6 said...

we're having stomach pounders & cokes today for lunch!!!. : D

Debra Hill looks like an angel in that snap. she & JC..made a wonderful creative horror team. even after they broke up romantically..they like always had that real love for each other. they were good friends & good creators..together. & i LOVE the fact that she kept the original MM mask under her bed. which wasn't good for it's lifespan of course. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

& look at JC on the cover of Cinefantastique. lookin SO badass & sexxxy in that crazy ass preppy getup!!!! that motherfucker CAN'T do NO wrong in my book.<333 what's he doin out there today? what's he thinkin..drivin down that coastline? he's always SO constant & Free..ready to tell you to eff off in a heartbeat.
#True #Rebel #Wild at Heart

do you feel the spanish/italian horror movie vibes/elements in The Fog?
when you watch it..check out the first time Blake & his boys show up for a butcher session. man!!!..channeling the Blind Dead from Ghost Galleon. the morgue scenes are straight up Lucio Fulci's..Beyond & when Janet Leigh & Nancy K. go walking into Father Malone's looks SO Argentoesque. i love when directors/creators can borrow someone's flavor/spice But.still not rip the other artist off. JC & those Goblin Boys def drink from the same well too.

You know..sometimes it REALLY is just the little things.
like a Wonderful Ghost Story. a Beloved Director. Beautiful b/w stills from one of your Favourite horror films..all the stories that go with them. AND..sharing that love with other fans. it's NOT gonna change the world, but, it's certainly NOT gonna hurt it either.<333

Happy Birthday Antonio Bay!!!!!
& Long Live..Crazy Philly Boys who love to blog about all things Horror. : )

i'm so excited about this Antonio Bay Day weekend & it's perfect Ghost Story.

ps...i think Debra Hill died in 2005. the same year as The Fog remake...brrrr

Rot said...

GREAT post.
I never really thought about those influences but I can see them ALL now!

Very cool

girl6 said...