Friday, April 27, 2018

Now Watching: Gargoyles


Mr Black said...

I loved this movie as a kid.

Willow Cove said...

Yeah, I remember seeing this on creature feature as a kid.

girl6 said...

i always dug the look of these gargoyles.
i love going downtown into the heart of the city & checking out the gargoyles on City Hall & some of the other old buildings too. new buildings fell out of love with the folklore of those guys being protectors i guess. kinda sad.

Rot said...

I had forgotten that every time they showed the Gargoyles in this they were in slow motion.
Made it extra scary. My parents let us watch that when we were really young.
I can see how troubling this would have been to a young mind. The old man in the beginning falls after being hit by a board and his lantern's fuel spills on him and catches fire.
Looked real. I think these are things that helped me be a nervous adult.

girl6 said...

.....nervous adult AND..Don't forget..Monster Maker. : )

i feel the movie..Wishmaster was going for the same thing as Gargoyles. using popular folklore that is everyday but still kinda taken for granted/forgotten at the same time & the whole evil demons/djinn..genie concept. Wishmaster always felt like an older movie/vibe to me.

Steve Ring said...

Adore this movie. Fondly remembered. Essential 70s horror viewing.