Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Dawn Never Was

Everything by night, that’s the ticket. Nothing at noon; the sun is too bright, the shadows wait. The sky burns so nothing dares move. There is no fun in sunlit exposure. Midnight brings fun when the shadows under trees lift their skirts and glide. Wind arrives. Leaves fall. Footsteps echo. Beams and floorboards creak. Dust sifts from tombstone angel wings. Shadows soar like ravens. Before dawn, the streetlights die, the town goes briefly blind.

Let's All Kill Constance, Ray Bradbury

Image by visionsoflightanday.


Sara said...

I love Bradbury. :)

Rot said...

I chose this photo from your work because it feels like the sea is out in the distance, right out of view. And this book of his takes place in Venice, CA. And the two just seem to go perfectly together.

Sara said...

I could see this as Venice!
Not enough homeless with syringes unfortunately.

And thank you! :)

Willow Cove said...

The blue green n that picture is so amazing!

Wren said...

Perfect Photo Pairing!

Rot said...

I think Bradbury would dig.