Friday, June 24, 2022

The Haunting Of Rot House

We learned to coexist.  I didn't react when it moved my belongings.  When it hid my keys or wallet.  I remained calm when I found the cord across the stairs.  And when the ceiling fan came down.  I pretended not to hear its unholy howls from the closets.  The scratching behind the walls.  

And that terrible smell.


Rot said...

And I once tried to wipe my mouth with it.


Sara said...

Lol! Hahaha paper ghosts are so friggin classic. And apparently come in handy.

Rot said...

Same. A classic design that will be around for FOREVER.

Willow Cove said...

Have a séance and ask it what it’s name is.
maybe it say “Hanky”. ;)

Rot said...

I don't want to anger the spirit.

Animos said...

Feed it.
We won't tell.

Rot said...

haha. I'll try!