Monday, March 20, 2023

Antonio Bay Weekend

Remember those windy daytime shots from John Carpenter's THE FOG?  

The vastness of the sea was captured really well in that film.  And the windy beach and lighthouse scenes captured a sense of isolation that helped set up the slow build to the coming night mists of the fog (and Blake and his men).  

We took a trip to the southernmost tip of New Jersey this weekend.  Cape May isn't like the other shore points in Jersey.  Quaint Victorian homes and only a modest stretch of hotels make the town feel cozy and inviting.  The weather was sunny, chilly, and very windy.  We joked about capturing Cape May's darker side for an Antonio Bay photo dump, but in the photos below, we ended up catching a really nice weekend at the Jersey shore. 


Wednesday said...

I haven't been to Cape May since the 90's, but we used to rent a big house and pack it full of friends and family. You're right, it isn't like the rest of the Jersey Shore. With all of the Victorian houses there, do they do any haunted Cape May tours around Halloween?

Rot said...

They definitely do haunted that's intriguing.

Lady M said...

Cape May also has an awesome raptor i.e. birds of prey migration. Someday I will get there to bird.

Rot said...

Very neat!