Friday, March 31, 2023

The Tunnel-Mouth

Then the corridor ended in a prodigious open space which made us gasp involuntarily—a perfect inverted hemisphere, obviously deep underground; fully an hundred feet in diameter and fifty feet high, with low archways opening around all parts of the circumference but one, and that one yawning cavernously with a black arched aperture which broke the symmetry of the vault to a height of nearly fifteen feet. It was the entrance to the great abyss.

- H.P. Lovecraft


MR. Macabre said...

Is that quote from his story THE FESTIVAL? Huge fan.

Rot said...

It’s from At the Mountains of madness.

MR. Macabre said...

DAMN, I wonder how I missed that one. I did see a video on YouTube last night about the new upcoming monster movies and they showed a couple of posters from Del Torro's upcoming film from this story. I think it's going to be in 2 parts and on Netflix instead of at the theater.
I can't wait.