Thursday, March 9, 2023

Trailer: Satan Wants You

Growing up in the 80s, I assure you we had much Satanic Panic.  There was always the spray-painted pentagram on the side of a tree or in the ruins of some abandoned building to assure us this stuff was real.  

But you knew you were safe in the daylight.  

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Lady M said...

Incredible - that recovered memory stuff was bullshit but put a lot of people in jail,

MR. Macabre said...

And it was all a lie. Pretty pathetic.

Revenant Manor said...

I wouldn't trade growing up in the 80s for anything, but we certainly had a few things that I could have done without; the 'Satanic Panic' is definitely on that list.

After all, despite all of the promises, we were never actually able to get a single hidden message out of 'Stairway to Heaven'...they got us all pumped up for nothing.

Total disillusionment.

Rot said...

The first thing I'd give up would be the daily dread of firmly believing I'd die from a nuclear blast via an attack from the Ruskies.


Revenant Manor said...

Ohhh, yes...the very top of the 'few things' list; the absolute pinnacle of things-to-do-without from that decade.

The various moral panics, razor-blades-in-your-candy, death-by-Tylenol, etc. didn't hold a candle to the perpetual specter of nuclear Armageddon.

I was one of those kids that (foolishly?) watched 'The Day After'. Holy smokes.

Rot said...

We were FORCED to watch that tv movie. The grade school I attended sent home letters to the parents suggesting very strongly that each student watch the film. I was doomed.
Maybe they hoped we'd grow up to prevent WWIII.
Meanwhile, after seeing it, my goal was to be Martin Sheen in the film Dead Zone.