Friday, November 24, 2023

Evil Vines Cemetery 2023

A personal favorite Haunt... An unholy cemetery with giant spiders, plague victims, and reanimated skeletons.  And gorgeous lighting.


Revenant Manor said...

Evil Vines is fantastic...the love of Halloween comes through in every single image.

Evil Vines Cemetery said...

Thank you, Rot and RM! It means a lot to have fans like you masters of atmosphere! I went with a simple lighting set up this year, no color wash across the cemetery like I have in the past. Plain white pin spots on the tombstones in the cemetery and amber spots with blue back lighting in the walk through path. A classic combination, in my opinion. I'm sure none of the trick or treaters noticed the difference. But all that matters is that we had a blast Halloween night and kept the spirit alive! I might have even converted a couple little girls into home haunters! They were peppering me with questions about how everything worked and were shocked that I made most of the props from scratch. I told them they could do it too!

MR. Macabre said...

I love all of the JOL's, you can never have too many.

Holy Tarra said...

Man!!! Those tombstones are so nice!!! Beautiful haunt!

Evil Vines,...loved hearing that you managed to infect some TOTS with the "Halloween Virus"!
To me that is a large part of what keeps me going because let's face's not easy setting up a haunt. So many kids are all about the candy but when those 2 or 3 show up that are so excited and inspired by what I've created it is the best feeling!